Product documentation

Brochure in English (Download pdf)

Data sheet about Prodera Modal Shakers in Russian (Download pdf)

Data sheet about Prodera amplifiers in Russian (Download pdf)

Related publications

The experience in Ground Vibration Tests of flexible flying vehicles using Prodera equipment and some additional tasks

(Download pdf)

Conference presented during EUCASS (European Conference for Aerospace Sciences) by:

  • M. V. Smyslov – TsAGI (Russia)
  • M. Klaas Dijkstra – PRODERA
  • M. P. Karkle – TsAGI (Russia)

State of the art GVT Technology in Russia and possible directions to increase accuracy and reliability

(Download pdf)

Conference presented during EUCASS in 2015 by:

  • Petr. G. Karkle – TsAGI (Russia)
  • Michail A. Pronin – TsAGI (Russia)
  • Michail M. Bogatyrev– TsAGI (Russia)
  • Gleb V. Liseykin– TsAGI (Russia)
  • Klaas Dijkstra – PRODERA– TsAGI (Russia)

Lecture “Pyrotechnical Equipment for Flutter Investigation”

Presented in Avignon (France) on 18 October 2004 by:

  • M. Michel PREVOST – ONERA
  • M. Pierre PREVOT – ONERA

(Download pdf)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Firing of pyrotechnical thruster (download video)

Aircraft modal testing at VZLU  (Download pdf)

Excitation by rotation of forces (Download pdf)

  • Rotation of forces (forces1)
  • Synchronous force excitation (case1)
  • Synchronous momental excitation (case2)
  • Excitation by rotation of forces (case3)
  • Excitation by rotation of a moment of forces (case4)

Aircraft Ground Vibration Testing at ONERA

Article written by S. Giclais, P. Lubrina, C. Stephan from ONERA (Download pdf)

Mesures et analyse de micro vibrations à très basse fréquence

Article written by Paul Eric Dupuis
Airbus Defence & Space (Download pdf)

Derivation of mass, stiffness and damping matrices of a model wing from experimental modal data

Article written by Ionel POPESCU, Lică FLORE, Albert ARNAU CUBILLO
Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Aero Astronautical Structures STRAERO S.A, Bucharest, Romania (Download pdf)

Sopemea, une longue tradition dans les essais aéronautiques

Article paru dans le magazine Essais et Vibrations en juin 2015 (Download pdf)