A 649 HV amplifier

During complex structural modal analysis, force control is critical. The forces must be independent of the movements. PRODERA‘s current controlled amplifiers are your solution.

Specially developed for the PRODERA‘s modal electrodynamics shakers, the power amplifiers are designed for optimum results during modal analysis.


  • From 30 to 4000 Watts
  • Accurately controlled output current
  • High output impedance in order not to impede the movement of the structure
  • Constant force of shaker independent of the movement of the structure
  • Display of the position of the moving assembly (as from the model A 648 S)
  • Remote controlled (as from the model A 648 S)
  • Accurate measurement of introduced force Newton / Volt
  • No need for force transducer on the amplifier

The following list gives a glance at the different types of amplifiers available in our catalogue. Each year brings new models which are adapted to our customers’ particular problems; therefore do not hesitate to contact us.

A large range of power amplifiers


Remote control panels

Amplifier (*: Airborne)Continuous RMS output (Watts)Max output current (Amperes)Max output Voltage (Volts)Input voltage (Volts)Power supply*Associated Shaker
A 732
Data Sheet A 732
60 or 30±4 or ±2±30±5220 V ±10%EX 6/EX 8/EX 12/EX 20/EX 24
A 735
Data Sheet A 735
120 or 60±8 or ±4±30±5220 V ±10%EX 58/EX 58 C40/EI 20
A 648 S
Data sheet A 648 S
400±20±40±53X380V±10%EX 220 SC/EX 220 C40
A 649 HV
Data Sheet A 649 HV
800±20±80±53X380V±10%EX 320 C50/EX 520 C50
A 651/S1
Data Sheet A 651 S1
1200±60±40±53X380V±10%EX 1060
A 651/S2
Data Sheet A 651 S2
2400±60 ±80±53X380V±10%EX 2060/EX 2060 C50
A 651/S2/S
Data sheet A 651 S2 S
2400±60±80±53X380V±10%EX 1070 C50/S
A 709
Data Sheet A 709
4000±80±100±53X380V±10%EX 5080/EX 5080 C50
A 735*
Data Sheet A 735
120 or 60±8 or ±4±30±5115V-400Hz±10%EI 20
A 520*
Data sheet A 520
400±20 ±40±53X115V-400Hz±10%EI 799 (horizontal)
EI 797 (vertical)

* For export other power supply voltages are available

Catalogue amplifiers (Download PDF)