PRODERA announces partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software for complete ground vibration testing solutions

​PRODERA, a renowned provider of equipment for modal testing of aircraft structures, announced it has signed an OEM agreement with Siemens Digital Industries Software, a market-leader for test-based engineering and certification systems. This agreement enables PRODERA to offer Siemens data acquisition, control and analysis systems based on Simcenter™ SCADAS hardware and Simcenter™ Testlab™ software, with PRODERA shakers and suspension systems for aircraft ground vibration testing (GVT). The OEM agreement announced today is globally operational and effective immediately.

The PRODERA sensors, shakers and suspension systems, together with Siemens’ Simcenter SCADAS and Simcenter Testlab combines into a highly accurate and complete solution for GVT. Already today, several customers in the aviation industry use PRODERA equipment in combination with Siemens data acquisition system, which is a proven combined solution for modal testing of aircraft structures.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with PRODERA. Combining the solutions from Siemens and PRODERA allows building a complete and accurate solution for aircraft modal and ground vibration testing. We are convinced that this collaboration will be very beneficial for our joint customers in the aviation industry.” – Bruno Massa, Vice President Siemens Simcenter Testing Solutions for Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Full details are available on Siemens’ community site: see link